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Book review: Auxiliary: London 2039 by Jon Richter

Stop me if you heard this before: a gruff, alcoholic detective is roped into a routine homicide investigation, where he is pressured to come to a clean, politically expedient but ultimately wrong conclusion and frame an innocent man.  Instead, his … Continue reading

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Book Review: Artificial Condition by Martha Wells

Second in the Murderbot series, Artificial Condition is an endearing piece of science fiction, which has a lot going for it.  In particular, it’s not pretending to be more than it is: an inconsequential story in a large, fleshed-out universe.  … Continue reading

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Movie review: Upgrade (2018)

From time to time a low budget movie gets released that doesn’t feel like low budget at all.   Upgrade is one such movie.  Featuring innovative camera work, good action sequences and a believable future, this movie was surprisingly entertaining.  A … Continue reading

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Movie review: Genocidal Organ

Normally, I would never touch a movie named “Genocidal Organ” with a ten-foot pole.  It seems to fall into the category of names like “Five-Headed Shark Attack” or “Quantum of Solace”, where the ridiculous title already warns off hopeful movie … Continue reading

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Movie review: Anon

The loss of privacy had been a growing theme in futuristic fiction for a long time.  And while some works, like Orwell’s 1984 have the totalitarian government developing the means to control its citizens, many other works have the technology … Continue reading

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