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Hugos 2019: Best Graphic Story

Graphic novels were a mixed bag this year.  While my top pick got me all teary-eyed, and any of the top three books is a contender for the Hugo award, I feel that many better books, especially those dealing with … Continue reading

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Comics review: Shipwreck by Warren Ellis

Shipwreck is not for everyone.  It is a difficult, but rewarding work.  Its twisted story that leaves the reader guess till the last moment, weird characters and quirky worldbuilding, as well as the amazingly appropriate art style, all combine to … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Venom (2018)

Let’s get straight to the point:  Sony managed to deliver their best comic book related movie to date.  Venom delivers pure fun and is more rewatchable than anything else in Sony’s Marvel catalog.  So don’t believe the low critic reviews … Continue reading

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Warren Ellis: Superstar of science fiction in comics

For many people who don’t read comic books, comics is largely about superheroes.  In some cases, there have been sci-fi subplots to create superheroes (Fantastic Four, for example), but until the recent crop of Marvel movies featured a band of … Continue reading

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