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Book Review: The Bobiverse Trilogy by Dennis E. Taylor

The Bobiverse trilogy is an excellent blend of high concepts, believable future, adventure and action.  It is both entertaining and introspective, with deep moral dilemmas.  The prose is easy flowing, and the characters relatable.  However, is misses its mark by … Continue reading

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Movie review: Upgrade (2018)

From time to time a low budget movie gets released that doesn’t feel like low budget at all.   Upgrade is one such movie.  Featuring innovative camera work, good action sequences and a believable future, this movie was surprisingly entertaining.  A … Continue reading

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Movie review: 2036 Origin Unknown

2036 is a minimalistic film. Its subject matter, setting and performances all indicate a small budget.  That is not a bad thing, and in some respects the filmmakers did an admirable job putting together a working movie with the little … Continue reading

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