I’m just a regular guy who takes too much pleasure in science fiction and fantasy.  I’ve taught myself to read a year before starting school, and by the time I was in fourth grade I’ve graduated from cowboys and Indians to historical fiction.  My favorite subject there was the Mediterranean in ancient times: Egypt, Greece, and such.


I came into contact with science fiction fairly late, when I was 16 and picked up Asimov’s Foundation series.  Since then I was hooked and binge-read everything I could find.  Later, I branched into PC games, movies and most recently audiobooks when I can’t hold a book.  Over the years, I’ve written for a number of now defunct Web sites, primarily reviewing PC games, but also doing a fair share of book and movie reviews.  Occasionally, I got published in a print medium.  My sci-fi writing all sits in a drawer, as I don’t think it’s ready to be sent to magazines yet.


With this blog, I’m not trying to offer authoritative reviews anymore.  As I matured, I calmed down.  I no longer feel qualified to pronounce my opinion as an objective truth.  Instead, I just want to share what I personally think about works in a genre I feel passionate about.  Take my writing as you will, but I hope you’ll find at least some of it interesting or worth thinking about.