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Book review: A Desolation Called Peace by Arkady Martine

It’s often challenging to keep a sequel as interesting and engrossing as the first book in the series.  The wonder of worldbuilding may be largely gone, and the tedium of more of the same may creep in, as the author … Continue reading

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Opinion: How the Ukraine War Changed My Perception of Science Fiction

Science fiction is fiction, not a textbook or current affairs work.  Still, there are many subgenres, some of which are set in the real world, while others draw their timeline from the present time.  Of course, there are plenty of … Continue reading

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TV Review: Star Trek: Picard, Season 2

The second season of Picard is quite divisive.  Critics seem to love it, while the audience hates it.  Those who enjoyed the first season can’t seem to find anything positive about the second, and vice versa.  It’s small wonder: the … Continue reading

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Book review: Angles of Attack (Frontlines 3) by Marko Kloos

The Frontlines series is somewhat original by portraying its protagonists as human, with their failings, desires and small joys, and by strictly using the point of view of its central character.  There are no supermen, no overall strategic landscape from … Continue reading

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Hugos 2022 – Novelettes

This year’s nominated novelettes are thematically all over the place, from mythology, through vampires, to spaceships and robot swarms.  Stylistically, however, they are quite similar: most of them are very eloquently written, subtle, and with hidden meanings.  It was very … Continue reading

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Book review: Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds

The second book in the Inspector Dreyfus Emergency series brings back the old characters, throws in a couple of new ones and invents not one, but two emergencies for the people policing the ten thousand independent habitats in the Glitter … Continue reading

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